The statistics are staggering, American households carry US$ 13.2 trillion dollars of debt.

And that was before the pandemic.!

US $829 billion of credit card debt, and US$1.2 trillion in student debt. 

Borrowing, sometimes more than we can or should, has unfortunately become a way of life for many Americans, but It can also come  with many unwanted consequences.

The reason Americans borrow so much is simple… it’s easy.

Getting a credit card is easy, getting a bank loan or line of credit is easy, borrowing for education.. You guessed it .. it’s easy.

If you’re swimming in debt, rest assured, you are not alone.

At FRS, we aren’t here to judge or to comment on your past financial behavior, we are only here to help.

One simple phone call we will connect you with a professional debt consultant. 

There is no cost for the call, there is no cost for the consultation, and you will only pay upon a final debt resolution that is satisfactory to you. 

If you’ve taken on more than you should…

If your circumstances, marriage, job, or health has changed.

If any situation in your life has left you with more debt than you can manage, FRS can help,